About Us

Why we created TruckerTaxes.com

It's human nature to see a problem, and just have a huge desire to solve it. That, in a nutshell, explains why TruckerTaxes.com was started. Truck drivers like yourself, spend a lot of time balancing work and family. Taxes typically becomes one of those burdensome tasks that you probably dread.


The mission we have a TruckerTaxes.com is to drastically simplify the process of having taxes prepared for truck drivers. Income tax preparation and bookkeeping are two big drains on the productivity and happiness of many truck drivers. If we can take away that stress from you, we are doing what we set out to do, and that makes us very happy!

Our Mission: To simplify truck driver accounting tasks such as bookkeeping and income tax preparation so that truck drivers can focus on the more important and enjoyable things in life!