Getting started with for income tax preparation is easy! has tax preparers that can prepare truck driver tax returns, regardless of which state you live. We prepare returns for employed company drivers, as well as owner-operators. To have your taxes prepared by, simply follow the steps below.

Go to Organizer

Step 1: Go to the organizer

Click the “go to organizer" button. This will take you to a place that will allow you to communicate to us much of what is involved in your taxes, saving you time and reducing the chance of errors.

Step 2: Complete the organizer

The organizer will guide you through the process. Filling in the organizer saves huge amounts of time on your end, and it results in better tax savings for you because we can catch the deductions that may have been missed otherwise.

You will have two options in how you can fill out the tax organizer. 1) Online, and 2) Manually.

The online organizer will capture everything you need online. If you choose to complete the manual (printed) organizer, you can send the organizer to us via fax, scan and email, or regular mail. The supporting documents that we need are:

  • Copy of all W-2s from all Employers
  • Copy of last year's Federal (1040) and state tax return (do not send if we did your return last year)
  • Copy of last pay stub of the applicable tax year (close to New Year's Eve in that tax year)
  • Copy of 12 months of driving schedule (with rest stops and dates)
  • Copy of mortgage statement 1098 (Home owners)
  • Voided check for direct deposit
  • Payment (after taxes are completed)
  • This completed organizer

There are three ways to send us the above information:

Option 1: Mail all documents to:
303 Credit Union Drive Suite 7
Isanti, MN 55040

Option 2: Fax all documents to: 763-575-8146

Option 3: Email all documents as an attachment to:

After you send your documents to us, we will be in contact with you if we reqiure any additional information. We guarantee our work. Your taxes will be prepared by a professional with vast knowledge of the tax code and the aviation industry.

Step 3: Tell your friends how easy TruckerTaxes is!

We rely heavily on word-of-mouth, so if you have friends that need truck driver tax preparation, please let them know about us. We'll be forever grateful!

Feel free to call us anytime at 1-763-447-3991. Professional Tax and Accounting Services for Truckers in Every State is a complete tax preparation company, that offer income tax preparation and bookkeeping for professional truck drivers. can prepare taxes for truckers, regardless of the state they reside in. With years of experience, let our highly experienced tax preparers simplify your income taxes.

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